Wading through the waters

And Hey my lovelies,

I have been off the radar, blog-wise

And after much ado, am back to blogging

I intend to change the face of “modelaposh”

But first, I need to rant a little, just a little, I promise

So life has taken me through a few unfamiliar waters,

something I know a person or two can relate to

My reactions at first were (in no particular order)

pray, cry, brood, complain,

self -loathe, withdraw, push people away

And on and on goes the list

Feel free to drop me a line under this if you can relate

I can’t say all of those are bad,

or that I have suddenly swerved off that lane

what I can say though is that

I am adapting

And making the most of wading through these waters

and just living the life I have always wanted

And going for my dream and yes, I tend to go for the big stuff


Don’t ever let the waters you wade through drown you

trust me, it only drowns you if you let it

The waters could go one of two ways:

drown you, or drag you along to a new place

which ever way it goes depends on many factors:

God, luck and you amongst other factors

so as you wade those waters, darling

brace up , and choose that the ending will be happy

choose that the waters

will not steal your joy or make you break

Choose that the waters will make you better

and bring you one or more steps closer to your dream come through

PS:: Take it one day at a time.

And before you know it, it’s over

Lots of love to whoever reads this



Mo’s recipes

The final combo

The final combo

WP_20141009_006So I kind of came up with this recipe
After many experiments, that is
And today, I want to share this recipe with
the world….

The main thing about this recipe
is that it’s really quick to prepare
I won’t put a timeline on it, but lets see.

Irish potatoes
Plump or chopped tomatoes
Peppers (different varieties)
maggi (or knorr)
vegetable oil
mixed vegetables
Gizzard (or any type of meat)

Step 1:
wash raw meat and cut into bite sizes
Put pieces of meat in a pot
Add onions, pepper, salt, stock cubes and other spices
Leave on medium heat to cook
Allow to cook for at least 30 minutes

Step 2:
wash potatoes with water
cut the potatoes in half and each half into another half
cut each piece into cube shape
Place potato cubes in a microwaveable bowl
(Feel free to laugh now, and yes, microwave is involved)
Put the bowl of potato in microwave and cook for 15 minutes

Step 3:
Cut onion bulbs (already peeled) into circles
separate out the circles
Chop down tomatoes (if it’s chopped tomatoes)
Cut fresh peppers into circular shapes
Check meat for readiness

Step 4:
Put a frying dish (pan) on a cooker
Add vegetable oil, as appropriate
After the oil if cooked, add the cooked meat and allow to cook for 5 mins
add onions, mixed vegetable, peppers and allow to cook for 10 mins
After 10 minutes, add salt and seasoning to taste
If sauce is too thick, add water
taste, and ensure that the vegetables are cooked…

PS: When serving, add a few scoops of butter unto the hot potatoes
Lace this butter and potato mix with the hot sauce
When this is done, dinner is served…
Bon Apetit

Hope you try this out!
Lots of Love,

Sweet tooth business: Mo’s top 5 deserts

So I have a sweet tooth, always have
even though I know diabetes is real
And I try to slow down on the sugar intake
And even stopped taking my tea with sugar
But every once in a while, ‘Mr Sweety toothy’ comes out

Well, the other day I had this foodie conversation
guess what about?
…..well, the clue’s in the title
We talked about deserts….
And this post comes on the back of that conversation

Below, are my top 5 desert choices:
1. Stawberry cheese cake
This one makes my heart do many flip fronts and flip backs
I am unsure if it’s the cheese
Or because I would eat anything made with stawberries
This can be eaten with double cream, ice cream
(or like I just found out) baileys
Just thinking about it…..mmmm
2. Creme brulee
I first saw this in a movie
And the day I actually tried it, I took several pictures
Yes, before and while eating it
Why? It was so beautiful
especially with the sugar glazing standing atop it
Like a lid…
It both beautiful to the eyes and to the mouth
Promise me, you would try it
3. Tiramisu
This Italian inspired desert (the clue is in the name)
is like a self-contradictory
A combination of coffee (with it’s legendary bitter taste)
Eggs, cheese and cocoa flavoring
With tiramisu, the richness is in the taste
Enough said#
4. Carrot Cake
It’s like beautiful to sit down with a plate of carrot cake
for pudding
After a nice dinner (or tea, or supper)
And a nice movie on TV
And good conversation of course
But truly, carrot cake needs no flavoring
It is sweet, and rich and lovely
5. Sticky toffee pudding
This one is rich, like thoroughly
From the dates, to the sponge cake (and it’s dark chocolate colour)
And how it’s served, with custard or even ice cream
This one is a christmas favourite (for me anyway)

Oh yea….that’s my sweet tooth business all done
PS: Treat yourself to some sweet deserts every now and then
Afterall, You Only Live Once (YOLO)

Have a great rest of the day guys
Lots of Love,

New beginnings

A few days ago, I spent some time with someone who reminded me a lot of my Mom
And I learnt so much within the space of two hours
So much, that while I walked home (and getting lost many times, lol)
I spent the time thinking and playing over some scenarios in my head
And then it hit me: new beginnings

One of the thing about beginnings is choosing to take the first step
A popular saying “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” comes to mind
The first step is the hardest, and after that, each new step gets easier and easier
Till you reach a point where it’s easy, and needs no effort

Anyway, that was an aside
yeah, back to new beginnings

So, I choose, to take the first step
To just be
Just live each day as it comes
bearing in mind, that I have spent a while working through some this and that
And now, I know
This new beginning
is a fresh start
a fresh page

So I choose
To take each day as it comes
To start my day with hope, and faith, and positivity
To go through my day with a smile, gratitude, and believe in the best
And that’s just it
One day at a time

I choose
to believe the best in everyone and everything
Though there may be some not so good people out there every now and then,
but still I choose
To not judge, but accept people for who they are
Also accepting and valuing myself for who I am (thanks to God)
I choose
To not be obsessed with being perfect
But to just be
Taking it one day at a time

I choose
Beautiful new beginnings

These are my thoughts, which am putting out there
I believe it would make sense to someone
Feel free to share your thoughts after reading this.
And have a beautiful week

Lots of Love

Journey to Happy place: The end

Hey guys, I have been AWOL
Trying to sort out this and that, and getting a masters degree
(lol, can’t believe that’s done and dusted, glory to God)

Anyway, I have a few thoughts, and I will just put them out

Happiness is not a destination, but a journey

The happy ones aren’t happy because they have everything
These ones know what they have, and are grateful for what they have

The happy ones stay positive, no matter what

The happy ones are content, even when they haven’t got enough

The happy ones CHOOSE to be happy

The happy ones make effort, with a hopeful mindset

The happy ones refuse to compare themselves to others

The happy ones choose to close the door to negativity, impatience, fear and all such vibes

The happy ones choose faith over fear, hope over hopelessness; they choose positivity

The happy ones believe, in someone bigger and higher than all the earth (GOD)

The happy ones are happy, and constantly make the journey to that happy place
Yes, being happy needs work, all day, all time.

The happy ones are you, and me!

Oh well, just some thoughts.
BTW, this is the end of my “Journey to Happy Place” series.

Hope this makes sense to someone,
Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about this place

With Lots of Love

Midnight rantings: Expectations and pedestals

Some things happen in life

Some of which we would not choose

if we had a choice

and some of those things mark us

And leave us with scars

Scars that are not necessarily physical

But sometimes are

Scars which are mostly in our hearts

And give us secret and sometimes open grief

Scars that make us hold back

…hold back from loving ourselves wholly

And others too

…… hold us back from giving our all

…. hold us back from taking risks

…. hold us back from doing

and just keep us in the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” class


For some people it holds them back and defines their lives for so long

Until you decide, or sometimes life shines a torch on that scar

Well, I have such scars

And without any doubt, I know everyone has theirs too


Well, here is what I think (I stand to be corrected though)

Choose (and ask God, in prayer, if you believe in God)


The anger, hurt and pain: let it go

Those who have offended and deceived and wronged you: forgive them

Those things you should have known better about: forgive yourself

Those deep hurtful secrets: let them go

The issues you cannot comprehend: let those go too


Letting go, is hard, very hard

But it needs to be done

Because you will feel much better

And free, when you let go


Bottomline: Choose to let go

You will be doing yourself a massive favour

Plus, if you want to be trully happy, and joyful



I hope this helps

Lots of Love,