Justice for Cecilthelion#

So I haven’t posted anything lately. It was definitely not for a lack of motivation. But this recent event has got me so livid I have to say something.

Right, so I never really fancied myself as much of an animal lover. I mean I like the occasional (no actually every) cute cuddly small puppy; although the big dogs scare the crap out of me. I like the nice ginger cats, not that I would let them come too close or anything like that. And I absolutely am crazed about dolphins (hardly anyone knows that about me). But one thing I believe is that all animals have a right to life.

So guess my shock when I hear on the news that a dentist “Walter Palmer” has hunted and killed “Cecil” a 13 year old Zimbabwean lion. This is actually not the first time animals have been shot as game. A lot of people actually engage in this act of barbarism towards poor helpless animals.

So am wondering, why this “animal killer” hasn’t been found and prosecuted?
Perhaps it’s because this outrage occurred in “Africa”, the continent which doesn’t take care of its own. P.S.: Am African.

Bottom line: This killer needs to be found and pr

osecuted. Also Africa needs to start to take care of its own, it’s people, animals, lands and resources. Africa needs to wake up and stand up to fight for justice for Cecil.
Lots of Love

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