TV Reviews: “Poldark”

So I am a massive TV watcher (pardon me if my grammar is a bit off) but you get my drift. Anyway, since my blog is about my passions and am helplessly passionate about TV, I have decided to start a blog series about what’s on TV.
P.S.: Forgive me if you aren’t a TV person but enjoy it still.

THE POLDARK showing on BBC
So as a teenager, I first picked up a copy of Winston Graham’s Poldark series at the local library. I read it and loved it and kept the story in my heart. Well imagine my absolute pleasure when I heard it’s coming on TV.
I have watched and loved each episode. So here is my take on “Poldark”: It is absolutely brilliant.
7 great things about Poldark:
1. The scenery in the movie is beautiful.
2. The picture quality is superb.
3. If you are a love birdie, it gives you plenty mushy moments with Ross and Demelza.
4. It shows an aspect of British life that’s now most in the past: copper mining.
5. The characters are good eye candy.
6. Old English and colloqualisms are the bane. Almost like Downton Abbey.
7. A few lessons to learn  i.e love, patience, business, etc. 
Overall, Its a great story and the acting is fantastic. So yeah, hats off to the producers for bringing this classic to life on our screens.

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