Many reasons to be grateful

Right, Happy new Month everyone.

This is a special month for me.

Yes, it is.

It is the month when someone dear to my heart was born.

So around this time every year, I just choose to live in this euphoria and atmosphere of gratitude.

Yes, you too can find reasons to be grateful.

PS: Better to be grateful (to God) than be sad and depressed.

Reasons to be grateful:

It’s a new day.

You are alive (if you are reading this, yes you are).

You are healthy (enough to sit on the computer and read this).

No matter how bad things are , it could have being worse. (Yes, look on the bright side.)

You aren’t better than all the dead people (some of who would give anything to be in your shoes.)

Your life is precious (loads of people are praying to be where you are )

And on and on and on ………..



Be grateful. That’s a starting point on the road to happiness.


With Love,…M.




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