Lets talk Faith and life

So in my usual thinking/musing mode, some thoughts have been prominent lately. Those thoughts I want to share.

For starters, I have observed that a lot of folks have completely lost faith in the higher power. The ones who haven’t lost faith are either sitting on the fence or just can’t understand the benefits or lack thereof of faith.

Whichever side of the divide you fall into, ponder this line of thought:

There is a higher power who holds the entire universe, and whether we believe in him or not he exists and watches over us. We may not understand his ways now but one day it will make a bit of sense.

Bottomline: In this season of Easter, consider that there is a higher power, in who our highest hope and faith should be placed in.

Justice for Cecilthelion#

So I haven’t posted anything lately. It was definitely not for a lack of motivation. But this recent event has got me so livid I have to say something.

Right, so I never really fancied myself as much of an animal lover. I mean I like the occasional (no actually every) cute cuddly small puppy; although the big dogs scare the crap out of me. I like the nice ginger cats, not that I would let them come too close or anything like that. And I absolutely am crazed about dolphins (hardly anyone knows that about me). But one thing I believe is that all animals have a right to life.

So guess my shock when I hear on the news that a dentist “Walter Palmer” has hunted and killed “Cecil” a 13 year old Zimbabwean lion. This is actually not the first time animals have been shot as game. A lot of people actually engage in this act of barbarism towards poor helpless animals.

So am wondering, why this “animal killer” hasn’t been found and prosecuted?
Perhaps it’s because this outrage occurred in “Africa”, the continent which doesn’t take care of its own. P.S.: Am African.

Bottom line: This killer needs to be found and pr

osecuted. Also Africa needs to start to take care of its own, it’s people, animals, lands and resources. Africa needs to wake up and stand up to fight for justice for Cecil.
Lots of Love

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TV Reviews: “Poldark”

So I am a massive TV watcher (pardon me if my grammar is a bit off) but you get my drift. Anyway, since my blog is about my passions and am helplessly passionate about TV, I have decided to start a blog series about what’s on TV.
P.S.: Forgive me if you aren’t a TV person but enjoy it still.

THE POLDARK showing on BBC
So as a teenager, I first picked up a copy of Winston Graham’s Poldark series at the local library. I read it and loved it and kept the story in my heart. Well imagine my absolute pleasure when I heard it’s coming on TV.
I have watched and loved each episode. So here is my take on “Poldark”: It is absolutely brilliant.
7 great things about Poldark:
1. The scenery in the movie is beautiful.
2. The picture quality is superb.
3. If you are a love birdie, it gives you plenty mushy moments with Ross and Demelza.
4. It shows an aspect of British life that’s now most in the past: copper mining.
5. The characters are good eye candy.
6. Old English and colloqualisms are the bane. Almost like Downton Abbey.
7. A few lessons to learn  i.e love, patience, business, etc. 
Overall, Its a great story and the acting is fantastic. So yeah, hats off to the producers for bringing this classic to life on our screens.

Up all night

Its 4:00 am and I haven’t slept a wink
Because I basically want to stay up
And relish my now
That probably won’t sound as nice
If I explained what my now is
I won’t though
Here is what I will explain:
1. Dreams come through, if you are willing
     to work hard and never lose the picture
     of your dreams.
So make sure you have dreams
And dream big too
2. God answers prayers
Those ones you make, with tears and pain
And longing and hope and faith
God answers
Those prayers you make from the depth
Of your soul
God answers the prayers from a sincere heart
So pray, about anything and everything
Don’t worry if you aren’t one of the righteous ones
I am one of those
And God loves us still
And answers us too  

So pray!
3. Life is beautiful
So look for beauty and love and laughter
Even in your darkest hours
Look for those
They make life beautiful 

P.S.: Just my thoughts
After a long day and an even longer
But fabulous night!
Lots of love,

Life’s little surprises

So today is International day of happiness

And I was all set to write a long happy post about being happy

Until I got the news

Of someone so dear passing on

and then it got me thinking

Life happens and sometimes it happens without ceremony

Until life throws you a little surprise, or a curve ball

And in all of life’s many surprises (both good and bad)

Here is what I think is important:

God, love, family, friends and staying happy…

Lots of love,

MoAnd I was